News / / 13.11.15

The Naturals

Friends for around a decade, and making music together for just as long, it might be a bit of an understatement to say The Naturals have taken their time to release their first LP. The resultant record, the ‘cross-hatched jungle’ of Hive, is uncommonly assured for a debut – the flickering influences are obviously far-reaching and diverse, but the ones the band explicitly name are “UK soundsystem culture, noise and fervent experimentation.”

Cold People is the centrepiece of the LP. Dropping sonic textures that range from futuristic electronic grind, to doomy, thumping guitars, its an exercise in excess that never lets up for a second. Your ears daren’t turn away.

Hive is out now. Order Hive over on the Howling Owl store, and head over to Thekla on the 27th to see the band’s album launch show. Grab a ticket here