News / / 09.04.14

Thee Mean Reds

Perusing with your headphones on and a four-pack, searching out your new favourite downstroke warlords (© John Reis); there are far worse ways to spend a Thursday evening. And now and then you might come across something that hits you just right: in this case, a seemingly unmarked bandcamp page for Thee Mean Reds’ EP, Holidaying In The Psychotropics. It’s a deliciously lairy four-track, sidestepping well-tread garage rock tropes for an exercise in brash, chugging psych, half almost instrumental apart from a distant moan permeating their groggy jams, and the other characterised by the kind of hooky stomping trash that befits their ‘Thee’ prefix. So we e-mailed them, and turns out they’re a two-piece from Toronto called Jay and Linda, who’ve got another EP done and an album on the way. They were really nice too.

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