News / / 29.09.15

William Welt

New York’s DJ Spider met William Welt the way all the best people meet: at Free Rotation.

The pair of techno enthusiasts were linked by Roost Records founder Steevio who suggest that Spider should take on one of Welt’s tracks for a remix. “I’m pretty picky with who I work with.” Spider told us, “I said that I would have to hear the music and the label catalog first.”

Steevio obliged and Spider agreed to remix Welt’s Stalker after doing some thorough research, “Well, after doing my homework I chose to do it. I am very happy that I did because in my opinion the music is very good.”

Stalker is a thumping, rumbling, techno track that’s got Spider’s dark, moody prints all over it. We’ve got the first listen here but make sure you grab the record (a split with Jack! Who?) when it’s released physically by Dead Cert. on 5 October.