Selections: DJ Bus Replacement Service

Welcome back to Selections, a series of exclusive artist-curated Spotify playlists from those in the know.

DJ Bus Replacement Service, aka Doris Woo, aligns just as well with the label of comedian as she does DJ. Her sets have a kind of slapstick allure, and under the tongue-in-cheek guise of a Kim Jong-un mask she delivers mischievous excursions that are electrifying, abrasive and silly all at once. Veering from hard techno to ghetto house, the reaction from the crowd usually range from bemused to, well, overwhelmed.

In her typically humorous fashion, she introduces us to her weird and wonderful world via a specially curated playlist. The theme? “All these tracks were handpicked from Forgotify, which generates tracks that have no plays on Spotify. One track at a time. I felt like I was holding myself hostage at various points during this exercise,” she writes. “My selection criteria were that they have to be tracks I wouldn’t mind playing out (determined only after listening to these tracks in their entirety). And I can’t just choose tracks because they have wacky names or cover art, but it really, really helps.”

From the noughties to the absurd How to Confuse a Cat, take a ride through the hidden corners of the digital streaming platform – where no one has ever been before. Good luck.

DJ Bus Replacement Service appears at Unsound Kraków, Poland, 7-14 October