Selections: Kenji Takimi

Esteemed selector and Crue-L Records boss Kenji Takimi exists on the same elite class of genre-fluid DJs as DJ Harvey, Optimo and Andrew Weatherall. For over two decades, he’s been a staple of the Japanese clubbing underground, uncovering dancefloor gems and delivering exploratory, unpredictable sets with a world of sounds joined by an indefinable, danceable pulse.

We recently unveiled the line-up for #unfold, a UK tour of immersive parties we’ve curated and produced in collaboration with Japanese beer brand Asahi Super Dry. Featuring an exclusive art installation by NONOTAK, the parties will celebrate innovative strands of Japanese electronic music, pairing agenda-setting artists from Japan with like-minded DJs and producers from Europe.

No figure embodies that agenda of cultural exchange quite like Kenji Takimi, a DJ committed to bringing moments of magic and discovery to dancefloors through adventurous selection and meticulous technique. He’ll bring that ethos to Leeds’ Live Art Bistro on 7 June, playing alongside the UK’s most enduring and renowned statesman of eclecticism, Andrew Weatherall.

To give you a taste of the sounds that will be on show across the tour, Kenji has turned in this epic playlist, providing a sprawling pin-drop on the full spectrum of Japanese electronics. “There’s not much cohesiveness in my selection”, Takimi told us over email, “but compiling it was a great opportunity for me to realise how much amazing music we have in Japan. I’ve rediscovered old remixes I did and there are a lot of fresh new talents of course.”

#unfold begins on 26 April at London’s Protein Studios with Sapphire Slows and Or:la, followed by Bristol’s Arnolfini on 11 May with Kiki Hitomi and Khan & Neek. We’re then at The White Hotel in Manchester on 25 May with DJ Fulltono and Kode9 before finishing at Leeds’ Live Art Bistro on 7 June with Kenji Takimi and Andrew Weatherall. Sign-up for tickets here.

Listen to the playlist below.