Tune in to the sounds of Copenhagen’s streets with a playlist curated by Clarissa Connelly

Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Born in Fife, Scotland, but moving to Copenhagen, Denmark as a child, Clarissa Connelly has spent much of her life drawing influence from the North Sea and its surrounding environment.

Her latest album World of Work lands on the mighty Warp Records, which blends stripped-back, Celtic-inspired folk with choral, sometimes haunting vocals. There’s acoustic guitars and piano along with field recordings of church bells.

In light of the LP’s release, she curates a playlist from one of her biggest influences – Copenhagen, and the city’s dynamic music scene. Featuring the likes of Erika de Casier and Astrid Sonne, along with more obscure sounds from the city’s underground, Clarissa explores the music closest to her. “This is a collection of songs from artists in Copenhagen, that are both my friends and whose music I admire immensely,” she says. Tune in below.