The first 100 issues of Crack Magazine were made using…

Very few of the original content features that adorned the early issues of Crack Magazine still exist today.

As the product has evolved, new regulars were naturally created to reflect the times we live in and people’s interests – but one has remained a consistent throughout our genesis as a publication.

Crack Magazine was made using… is the monthly front-of-magazine pin-drop into the music that has been played in the office, the informed our listening and that’s subsequently fed – consciously or subconsciously – into the magazine you hold in your hands. From the very first issue we hoped this section would be a useful insight into our method, music and mantra as a magazine.

As characters who take the lead – or the aux – when it comes to music selection have come and gone, and our numbers have expanded, the variation within this section has developed considerably, taking in an ever broader range of artists and genres. In fact, Crack Magazine was made using… has become our very own musical time capsule, charting our tastes across the last decade; the bands who have come and gone, the trends that burned brightly, the artists who have grown alongside us.

100 issues, 10 tracks from each issue (more or less), 1000 songs that have informed as Crack Magazine. In other words, 81 hours and 47 minutes of music that really does represent all we are about. Listen without prejudice.