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Photography: Michelle Helena Janssen
Styling: Jamie Maree Shipton
Makeup: Karla Q Leon

© Michelle Helena Janssen
Top: Milli Welch
Trousers: Mowalola
Necklace: Custom made by stylist
Bracelet: Deto’s own

Describe your sound in one sentence.

Who are your artistic icons outside of music?
I don’t really have any icons but I do like Azzedine Alaïa.

© Michelle Helena Janssen
Dress: Mimi Wade

© Michelle Helena Janssen
Dress and hat: Mimi Wade
Boots: Mowalola
Bracelet: Deto’s own

What’s your biggest passion outside of music?

What do the next six months have in store for you?
I have no idea and it’s so exciting.

© Michelle Helena Janssen
Lingerie: Anthon Raimund
Trousers: Dingyun Zhang

What’s your favourite DM you’ve ever received from someone about your music?
One time, a young Nigerian girl told me my music made her feel proud to be Black and that she was capable of doing anything. That made everything feel worth it.

What can you say about the Lagos music scene?
It’s growing and changing. It’s evolving past just Afrobeat, and there are so many new artists with new sounds. Just showing us that people are not one-dimensional and I love that.

© Michelle Helena Janssen
Top: Milli Welch
Trousers: Mowalola
Necklace and shoes: Custom made by stylist
Bracelet: Deto’s own

© Michelle Helena Janssen
Jacket and top: Mowalola
Dress: Stylist’s own
Shoes: Custom made by stylist