In photos: Sonár Barcelona 2022

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Sonár was first founded in Barcelona in 1994.

This year, the Spanish electronic music and arts festival returned stronger than ever, hosting a line-up of some of the most revered artists operating in the underground scene today. Photographer Nacho G Riaza attended the Barcelona festival to capture candid portraits of the artists on the programme.

Scroll down for Riaza’s visual diary of the event below.

Lafawnda © Nacho G Riaza

DJ Python © Nacho G Riaza

Jasss © Nacho G Riaza

MBODJ © Nacho G Riaza

Lyra Pramuk © Nacho G Riaza

Perel © Nacho G Riaza

Partiboi69 © Nacho G Riaza

Seda Bodega © Nacho G Riaza

Coucou Chloe © Nacho G Riaza

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