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I was always a performing arts kid. Whether that be dance, music or acting, it was always my thing since I was young. It was at my local youth center, St Mary’s in north London, where I really got an opportunity to explore art and be fearless with it. Having the support of my family, who encouraged me, took me to my classes and supported my music, definitely helped grow and build my confidence. I always knew I had a passion for writing from a very early age. One of the first songs I ever wrote was called Achieve, Achieve, Achieve. It went something like…

“In 10 years I want to be a performer that can entertain and still remain/ To do good things in life without having to go through strife/ I appreciate the things I can do/ I appreciate getting on and getting through/ I appreciate my entire desire/ I appreciate flying higher.”

I was around nine years old when I wrote that; so from early on, I knew this is what I was going to be doing in life. And even though I’m introverted, that doesn’t mean that I’m not confident or can’t speak up for myself. I’m naturally not the loudest person in the room and that’s fine. And I don’t have to be, nor do I want to be; I’ve just finally found my way of expressing myself.

The stage is like a second home for me and people used to be confused when they met me in person and then saw me on stage. They’d ask, ‘This is the same girl?’ I come alive, time just stops. I’m naturally an overthinker, but when I’m on stage I just let my body take me wherever it’s gonna take me – that’s my spirit guide. I’ve always wanted to channel all these thoughts and feelings through my art, and now I’ve left it all on my new record in hopes that people will be able to connect with it. If not, there’s just a bunch of bangers there anyway – pure vibes.

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