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Nayana IZ is ready to take on the world.

North London talent Nayana IZ is a rapper, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, model and member of London alternative hip-hop collective NiNE8, alongside the likes of Mac Wetha, Biig Piig and Lava La Rue. She made waves with her genre-bending debut single How We Do, and is set to continue on this stride in 2020, with her debut EP in the works for later this year. We caught up with Nayana in London for March’s style feature.

Dress – Natasha Zinko
Shoes – Nike

Describe your sound in one sentence.

World of its own.

Who are your artistic icons outside of music?

My dad Radha Binod Sharma – his paintings have thousands of layers in every aspect, colour/texture/meaning. He pulls you deep in without even realising, you just get caught.

© Michelle Helena Janssen

Hat – Benny Andallo
Vest – Pronounce
Top – Oculus
Bottoms – Pronounce
Slippers – Natasha Zinko

What’s your biggest passion outside of music?

I like designing clothes and objects, used to make a lot a few years back just had no money to make in bulk. Lots of merch coming soon from me, time to bring it back.

© Michelle Helena Janssen

Hat – Benny Andallo
Top & bottom  – AGR Knit
Jacket – Natasha Zinko

What do the next six months have in store for you?

Dropping my first EP with a bunch of other stuff, playing in some places around the world, some dreams coming true too. Basically, it’s go time.

© Michelle Helena Janssen

Jacket – Moschino c/o Serotonin
Dress – AGR
Knit Boots – Natasha Zinko

When did you get involved in NiNE8? How has working within the collective benefitted your music?

Almost two years ago now. Confidence wise I’d say, NiNE8 gave me that belief in myself, which I lacked before because I was in the wrong lane. Having that support is a blessing, felt I found some truth after a long time.

Photography: Michelle Helena Janssen
Styling: Ade Udoma