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Rising: feeo is making hazy beats for curious minds

With her latest self-released EP, ‘Run Over’, rising artist feeo showcases her capacity to engage with the mundane, the deeply personal and the political all in the space of one track.

Resonances: The personal story behind Ryuichi Sakamoto:Opus

Japanese director Neo Sora’s film of his father’s final concert is a profound examination of artistic curiosity and human resilience.

Brother May: Bathed In Light

London-based MC and producer Brother May believes in the universe. Here, he chats about his 2023 album ‘Pattern With Force’ and reflects on how spirituality influences his creative practice

Grim Determination: Inside the Rise of Dungeon Rap

They say difficult times beget difficult music. From his home in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Alex Yatsun has pioneered a bleak but irresistible subgenre that resonates far beyond the borders of his home country

Various Artists

A Tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto – To the Moon and Back Milan Records

Coby Sey: Passing Through

South London producer Coby Sey thrives in the liminal space where inner world meets concrete reality

Touching Bass are digging deeper into the transformative power of music

The label, club night, concert series and growing web of musicians has established itself as one of London’s most exciting musical prospects

700 Bliss

Nothing to Declare Hyperdub

Jana Rush

Dark Humor Planet Mu


Embryo Planet Mu


Harmattan Pentatone

Mica Levi: In dreams

Celebrated composer for film, DIY figurehead, lifelong collaborator… Mica Levi doesn’t care for boundaries, musical or otherwise

Proc Fiskal: What lies beneath

As Proc Fiskal, Joe Powers undermines the romance of accepted traditions to reveal something altogether more ominous

Various artists

Sounds of Pamoja Nyege Nyege Tapes

Islam Chipsy & EEK: Cairo’s Power Trio

Islam Chipsy and EEK are champions of Cairo’s euphoric Electro Chaabi scene. Meet the band and explore the movement’s origins and importance in our feature