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LSDXOXO: Battle Stance

This year has been a trip for LSDXOXO. The custodian of queer and kinky club music has launched a label, DJ’d for Beyoncé and even roused the ire of techno’s gatekeepers. Now, emboldened by a period of artistic risk-taking, the game is on. Meet our August cover star

Bass Angels: Berlin’s Femme Bass Mafia provide a safer space to learn the art of DJing

Christine Kakaire talks origin stories, learning together and sacred spaces with the Berlin mentorship community

Emeka Ogboh turns the soundscapes of Lagos into profound explorations of time

Emeka Ogboh has made the leap from acclaimed sound installation artist to celebrated experimental producer. We interview him for Issue 133

Moor Mother: Origin stories

As Moor Mother, Camae Ayewa has explored pain and protest through visceral words and sound. Now, she’s shifting her focus to decoding R&B

Avalon Emerson © Jacq Harriet

Avalon Emerson: Back Down to Earth

Avalon Emerson has spent the last six years building a reputation as one of the underground’s most electrifying producers and DJs. Now, she’s taking it a day at a time

club culture

Groundwork: Taking the temperature of contemporary club culture

Four of club music’s most singular voices trace what dance music did next

© Lukas Korschan

Jayda G: Freak Out

Jayda Guy’s DJing style was honed through years spent as one of Vancouver’s foremost selectors. With a new imprint about to launch, we talk climate change, pretentiousness and silencing the online critics

© Kasia Zacharko

Call Super: Restless Hours

The release of Arpo rounds off a banner year for the producer and DJ. We head to Neukolln to find out why he’s not ready to surrender his idealism just yet

Music in Support of Black Mental Health

In Sync: Holly Herndon interviews Jlin

Footwork dancers, chauvinism and the creative power of darkness are some of the topics that arise when Holly Herndon checks in with the exhilarating producer

Octo Octa: Move On, Let Go

After publicly transitioning, Octo Octa’s ‘Where Are We Going?’ feels like a fresh start. Here the producer talks strength, queerness and why she won’t quit be quitting the US anytime soon