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L’Rain is moving closer

After her searingly emotional debut in 2017, and its critically lauded follow-up, L’Rain is striving to bring some fun and self-invention to the po-faced world of experimental music

Bambii is moving free

Get acquainted with Bambii, the Toronto DJ, producer and scene figurehead who wants to banish club music’s gatekeepers, one anthem at a time

Only connect: Jokkoo are the crew platforming Black, experimental music, re-energising Barcelona’s club scene one party at a time

Get to know the crew a little better

Surusinghe’s thrilling club workouts are here to make you feel

Ahead of her latest EP – a hard-hitting tribute to the “melting pot of sounds” she’s found in UK clubs – DJ and producer Surusinghe dials in from the road for a chat about social media, exploring culture through music and her love for clubbing

DJ Plead: Beat Connection

DJ Plead’s percussive club experiments have lit up dancefloors the world over, but the Lebanese-Australian producer and DJ has another, more personal aim: to explore his Arabic heritage through music


Two Bruised Egos trUst Recordings

Beach House

Once Twice Melody Sub Pop

Hana Vu

Public Storage Ghostly International

Arushi Jain: Transition rituals

By overlapping Indian classical music and modular synthesis, Arushi Jain is remaking centuries-old sounds into something entirely new