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Slow Burn: Fabiana Palladino

Like her mentor Jai Paul, Fabiana Palladino is suspicious of the spotlight. But after years if honing her writing between gigs as a touring and session musician, the London artist is learning to enjoy the attention her gauzy, late-night pop is bringing.

Shy One: Higher Frequencies

Starting off as a grime DJ in her teens, Shy One has since become a luminary in UK nightlife. Gearing up for a second album, she’s never sounded more sure of herself. Read the October issue cover story

L’Rain is moving closer

After her searingly emotional debut in 2017, and its critically lauded follow-up, L’Rain is striving to bring some fun and self-invention to the po-faced world of experimental music

Bambii is moving free

Get acquainted with Bambii, the Toronto DJ, producer and scene figurehead who wants to banish club music’s gatekeepers, one anthem at a time

Only connect: Jokkoo are the crew platforming Black, experimental music, re-energising Barcelona’s club scene one party at a time

Get to know the crew a little better

Surusinghe’s thrilling club workouts are here to make you feel

Ahead of her latest EP – a hard-hitting tribute to the “melting pot of sounds” she’s found in UK clubs – DJ and producer Surusinghe dials in from the road for a chat about social media, exploring culture through music and her love for clubbing

DJ Plead: Beat Connection

DJ Plead’s percussive club experiments have lit up dancefloors the world over, but the Lebanese-Australian producer and DJ has another, more personal aim: to explore his Arabic heritage through music


Two Bruised Egos trUst Recordings

Beach House

Once Twice Melody Sub Pop

Hana Vu

Public Storage Ghostly International

Arushi Jain: Transition rituals

By overlapping Indian classical music and modular synthesis, Arushi Jain is remaking centuries-old sounds into something entirely new