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A guide to Qebrus, the Aphex Twin-approved producer who created alien IDM

Admired by Aphex Twin and other fans of deeply experimental music, the cult French producer died in February this year. We provide an entry point into Thomas Denis’ extraordinary universe

Sons of Kemet © Fabrice Bourgelle

Sons of Kemet’s Afrofuturist jazz is the sound of youthful, modern London

Koko 20181023

Johny, Papa and the dark implications of the memeification of kids’ TV

Childrens videos are increasingly being repurposed into creepy memes by adults. But this is a problematic trend, according to one expert

Close Listening: Tracing the history of field recordings and electronic music 

From wax cylinders to washing machines, Thomas Hobbs explores how everyday sounds have shaped the development of electronic music

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa revives Kush & Orange Juice in a reminder that he can sometimes be great

Roundhouse, London 20180701

From Abbey Road to Wyoming: What makes a legendary studio run?

A look back through moments where unique recording spaces became catalysts for new, ingenious sounds

What the Cambridge Analytica scandal means for musicians on social media

As users abandon Facebook in the fallout of recent scandals, has the relationship between musicians and social media been irrevocably soured?

Essential Hip Hop Documentaries

10 Hip-Hop Documentaries That Are Absolutely Essential

The canon of hip-hop documentaries is growing fast – here’s the best, from ‘Style Wars’ to ‘Wot Do U Call It?’

Retrospective: White Light/White Heat

Thomas Hobbs revisits the rock ‘n’ roll band’s sophomore 1968 release and finds it prompts mixed feelings in today’s context