Alternative vision: Listen to an essential playlist from LA party crew Hood Rave

Hood Rave is the LA club night centring the city’s Black queer underground. Listen to a “ass-shaking” club playlist curated by founder Bae Bae, and read an interview with the promoter, producer and DJ

Queer Bruk: Mixed by Donnie Sunshine

“This mix represents summer 2022 in London. It’s full of vibrant, high-energy and vibey dancehall, Afrobeats, soca and amapiano.”

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Queer Bruk

Queer Bruk is the club night and platform bringing Afro-Caribbean music to the queer nightlife scene in London. Read an interview with founder Akeil Onwukwe-Adamson and listen to a Carnival-ready mix from Donnie Sunshine

Joy through storytelling: This is bklyn boihood

We hear from co-founder Ryann Holmes, who reflects on the project’s past, present and future. You can also tune into an exclusive party mix from DJ Elosi

bklyn boihood: Mixed by Elosi

Elosi transports us to a peak-time bklyn boihood dancefloor in this hour-long set showcasing the sounds of the NYC party and collective

HUNGAMA: The London party fusing Bollywood with queer club culture

We speak to Ryan Lanji, founder of London-based queer Bollywood club night HUNGAMA, who also shares an exclusive playlist curated alongside NAFS.Space’s Drew Demetry

Inside Swagger Like Us, the San Francisco party platforming emerging queer talent

Swagger Like Us is an event series and artist hub based in the Bay Area. We talk humble beginnings and party memories with co-founders Kelly Lovemonster and davOmakesbeats

Swagger Like Us: Mixed by davOmakesbeats

A quintessential Swagger Like Us set from party co-founder davOmakesbeats

In search of solidarity: Welcome to Queer House Party

Queer House Party is setting the pace for accessible and inclusive clubbing. We speak to founding members and resident DJs Harry Gay, Wacha and passer, who also share a sweat-inducing set

Queer House Party: Mixed by Harry Gay, Wacha & passer

Wall-to-wall dancefloor bangers from the Queer House Party crew. The hour-long b2b2b session was recorded live at Body Movements 2022

Medusa: The glitter-soaked Shanghai party shares an exclusive playlist

Medusa is one of China’s most popular queer parties. Renowned for its glitter-soaked theatrics, the party’s founders drop by with a playlist that embodies the spirit of the Shanghai night

Let Loose: LSDXOXO’s Floorgasm party turns dancefloors into fantasy worlds

Floorgasm is the sweat-soaked party series headed up by club favourite LSDXOXO. We hear from resident DJ Yha Yha, who also delivers a Floorgasm mix

Floorgasm: Mixed by Yha Yha

Our Pride audio series continues with a pacy and seductive set from Floorgasm resident and New World Dysorder collective co-founder Yha Yha

Creamcake looks back on a decade of partying in this exclusive playlist

Ahead of its 10/11 anniversary celebrations, the team behind the Berlin club night share a high-octane playlist filled with avant-pop, post-club sounds and party favourites

Listen to a techno-driven playlist from Gegen, Berlin’s fabled queer party

Gegen is one of Berlin’s more beloved queer parties and a haven for inclusive, sex-positive clubbing. We speak to the team and share their essential Gegen playlist

Dive into the musical world of ANTI-MASS, the queer party creating space in Kampala

ANTI-MASS are the queer experimental collective throwing vital parties in Kampala. We speak to founders Authentically Plastic, Turkana and Nsasi and present their exclusive playlist

Step inside the kaleidoscopic world of Lunchbox Candy

Discover the sounds that shape the new Berlin queer party and collective in an exclusive playlist. We also hear from founders Elninodiablo and Adam Munnings

Ciężki Brokat: Listen to an essential playlist curated by the Warsaw party crew

Ciężki Brokat are the Warsaw collective and party providing Poland’s queer community with a timeout from reality. We catch up with the team and share their exclusive party playlist

Jonny Slut on the sounds of Nag Nag Nag, the London party that ignited the 2000s

A look back at iconic electroclash London club night Nag Nag Nag. Here, we speak to party founder Jonny Slut and present a special mix of Nag Nag Nag floor fillers

Nag Nag Nag: Mixed by Jonny Slut

The music that defined iconic London club night Nag Nag Nag, as chosen by its founder Jonny Slut