Detroit police release statement on Moodymann’s arrest, share footage of incident


The Detroit legend was reportedly arrested last weekend and later released.

This week, Kenny Dixon Jr (aka Moodymann) posted a video of an aggressive encounter with armed police. The since-deleted post showed armed police demanding that he exit his vehicle.

In the caption, the artist said that he was arrested for breaking and entering his own property. “HP police came n (MY BACKYARD) demanding proof of ownership and this is how they reacted (Went 2 jail again),” Dixon wrote.

“charged me 4 Breaking and entering on my own property even though I had keys. what u can’t c is 9 other officers pointing their AR15 directly at my head…next time just pull the MF trigger let’s get this shit over with (I’m tired) I’m so tired.”

Yesterday (17 January), Highland Park Police released the following statement via Detroit Metro Times

On Saturday while conducting a proactive patrol regarding possible illegal scraping [sic] HPPD officers encountered Mr. Dixon. During the encounter, Mr. Dixon did not produce personal ID nor proof of ownership of the property and was subsequently arrested and conveyed to HPPD. Further investigation confirmed ownership and Mr. Dixon was released and issued several citations regarding this incident. Mr. Dixon has since met with HPPD and this matter was resolved to the satisfaction of Mr. Dixon.

Highland Park police Chief Chester Logan said the incident happened at approximately 10.24PM on 12 January at Woodward Avenue in Highland Park.

A live press conference was held by The City of Highland Park Michigan on Facebook, during which body camera footage of the arrest was shown. In the video, a policeman can be heard asking Dixon to step out of the car to speak to the sergeant. After refusing to step out of the vehicle, the situation escalates as “eight or nine” officers become increasingly aggressive towards the artist. Moodymann can be seen unlocking the door, exiting the vehicle and later being handcuffed. In the footage, Dixon says he was trying to “figure out what was going on” and that police “scared the shit out of me”.

Watch the conference below.