Glasgow venue The Arches to be celebrated in new book

The Arches via cloudo/Wikipedia
via cloudo/Wikipedia

Brickwork: A Biography of the Arches is set for release in November 2021.

The famed Glasgow venue, theatre and arts hub will be chronicled in a new book by former employees Kirstin Innes and David Bratchpiece. The book will arrive in 2021, six years after The Arches closed following a long licensing battle.

Inside, Brickwork will feature a string of interviews with people who had ties to, or worked behind the scenes at, the club over its 24-year standing, offering an oral history and retrospective of the space. It’s set to be published by Salamander Street.

Publisher George Spender said: “The Arches is an iconic venue in UK theatre and clubbing history. Former artistic directors Andy Arnold and Jackie Wylie nurtured a wealth of emerging talent who have since gone on to have an extremely influential impact on contemporary theatre. Brickwork will compile the memories, anecdotes and testimonies of the people who made The Arches what it was – a club, a theatre, a meeting space, a place for artists, clubbers, musicians and performers to find themselves.”

Innes now works as a novelist and a journalist, while Bratchpiece is a comedian and a writer. You can read more about the club’s closure here.