Jai Paul celebrates 10 years of BTSTU with new track Super Salamander and recreated MySpace page

Has it really been 10 years?

Jai Paul is back – kind of. The London enigma is marking the 10th anniversary of his hit single BTSTU with what appears to be a brand new song. Entitled Super Salamander, the recording is hosted on a new website, btstu.com, that offers a nostalgic recreation of his old MySpace page. The site comes complete an audio player loaded up with seven tracks. There’s Genevieve, of course, plus BTSTU and All Night. Super Salamander also features.

Elsewhere, the page displays Paul’s ‘Top 8’, a selection of adoring comments from his ‘MySpace Friends’ alongside a string of old negative BTSTU reviews. Paul also lists some of his influences: Whitney Houston, J Dilla, Charanjit Singh, D’Angelo, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, and The Prodigy.

Paul announced the new site earlier today (21 April). Taking to Twitter, he wrote, “yo just a quick one for tha real heads – it’s 10 years today since i put out my first single… it’s been a bit of a mad one still… so just wanted 2 do something fun n say thank u to everyone whos been down from the start.”

Back in 2019, Jai Paul returned after seven years with two new tracks. The double B-single He and Do You Love Her Now lands seven years after 2012’s jasmine (demo). Both tracks were written, recorded, produced and mixed by the artist himself.

Head to btstu.com to check out the page – and the new track – for yourself.