Grimes describes new album as a “space opera” about a lesbian AI romance

© Charlotte Rutherford

The Miss Anthropocene artist teased the album’s concept on Instagram.

Earlier this year, Grimes told fans that she was finishing up the vocals and mixes for her next album. Now, the artist is shedding new insight into the project, revealing that the forthcoming LP will be “space opera” about a lesbian AI romance. The album will be Grimes’ first for her new label Columbia Records, following a move from 4AD. 

Grimes teased the album’s concept in an Instagram reply to a fan who’d asked about the “vibez” of the project. “It’s a space opera about CLAIRE DE LUNE,” replied Grimes. “An artificial courtesan who was implanted in a simulation that is a memory of the AI creation story on earth from the brain of the engineer who invented AI because he wants to re live his life but see if his perfect dream girl could teach him to love and thereby he would preserve humanity this time rather than let them fade into obscurity – overcome by the machines.”

“Simultaneously— “NO ONE” (the most powerful super intelligence in the future where the simulation is being rendered from) realizes there’s a massive hyper-realistic sim running and sends in her troll A.I. puppets to wreak havoc,” adds Grimes. “DARK MATTER—her lead A.I. demon—enters basically as the “black swan” to Claire De Lune—but in the end they fall into a lesbian romance due to the fact that they are the only two fully A.I. beings in this universe. It goes on but that’s where the first part of the story stops.”

In her Crack Magazine cover story, Grimes described AI as, “the natural evolution.” Her 2020 LP Miss Anthropocene was also a concept album. It was centred around the “anthropomorphic goddess of climate change”.

Last month, Grimes shared new music on Discord. The new track is supposedly titled Shinigami Eyes. Listen to it here.