Space Afrika, Robert Henke and Midori Takada to play Kings Place Sound Unwrapped series

Space Afrika © Chloé Magdelaine & Timon Benson
© Chloé Magdelaine & Timon Benson

The London venue has announced its second wave of Sound Unwrapped events.

Taking place throughout 2023, Space Afrika and Hannah Peel will be the artists in residence for the forthcoming event series. As part of this, Peel is set to perform a live premiere of her Mercury Music Prize shortlisted album Fir Wave on 17 February as well as a new collaboration with avant-garde percussionist Beibei Wang in June. Experimental electronic duo Space Afrika will present a fully scored version of their Honest Labour release on 28 February as well as curating an event later in the series.

Other artists confirmed for the 15th edition of Sound Unwrapped include Lucrecia Dalt, Holy Other, Malibu, Salamanda, Moin, Marina Herlop and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. There’s also virtuosic ambient musician and percussionist Midori Takada on 23 September and pioneering composer and software developer Robert Henke performs on 3 June.

Sound Unwrapped is an ongoing series, with next year marking its 15th edition. The events throughout 2023 will explore spatial dimensions in live performance and the creativity of sound artists, featuring a range of pioneering artists and composers who play with concepts of space and sound in their work. Head to the Kings Place website for tickets and the full programme.

Speaking on the forthcoming residency, Space Afrika said: “With the ambitions for our work to exist outside of a purely linear listening experience, Kings Place presents an opportunity for us to develop a new level of live production and breathe more life into the notions affirmed in Honest Labour.

“Following the first presentation of selected works from the album… we will expand on our live interpretation and translate the full album into an audiovisual performance with orchestral ensemble and guests continuing in the spirit of collaboration. Building on our warm relationship with the venue having first performed at a sold-out evening here in 2021, we felt valued by the shared experience with the team and audience. We’re excited to build on this in 2023.”