Arca releases fan-voted Kick compilation featuring bonus and unreleased tracks

© Daniel Sannwald

The compilation collates fan favourites from across the five-album Kick series.

Arca has today (9 December) released a new compilation which brings together fan-voted favourites from her five-album series, Kick, dropped in 2021. Three new tracks also appear on the compilation, alongside two previously released songs with contributions from Tim Hecker and Safety Trance. The new project, out via XL Recordings, has been described as a “best-of” compilation.

The vote was conducted through Arca’s ‘mutants1000000’ Discord channel, where she asked her fans for their favourite songs from the five-album series – which includes collaborations with SOPHIE, Shygirl and Rosalía, and has been critically acclaimed since its release.

This past year, Arca headlined Primavera across South America – as well as earning a Latin Grammy Nomination for Best Alternative Music Album. The prolific artist also has production credits on Shygirl’s debut album, Nymph. 

In our review of the Kick series, we said: “To call the sonic tapestry Alejandra Ghersi, a.k.a. Arca, has created in her latest anthology sprawling would be a gross understatement. The five-part follow-up to last year’s KiCK i is an origin story for a brave new world… Ghersi has positioned sound as an entry portal – a vehicle for transformation – rather than a final destination.”

“The 59-track project’s proposal is a bold one: set everything on fire (as she calls for on Incendio) and watch the ashes of empire give rise to a bright queer future, where genre doesn’t exist and neither do binaries or borders. Side-by-side with the first record, KICK iiKicK iiikick iiii and kiCK iiiii stitch together a fearless image of a new world order”

Listen to the compilation and see the full fan-curated tracklist below.

01. Nonbinary
02. Time
03. Prada
04. Rakata
05. KLK
06. Tiro
07. Bruja
08. Riquiquí
09. Incendio
10. Ripples
11. La Chíqui
12. Señorita
13. Mequetrefe
14. Esuna
15. Músculos
16. Tierno
17. Calor
18. Lost Woman Found
19. Xenomorphgirl
20. Fireprayer
21. Crown

Bonus tracks (*Previously unreleased)
22. Cayó
23. El Alma Que Te Trajo
24. Alto Voltaje *
25. Ritual *
26. Sentient Savior *