New Studio Ghibli cookbook will feature recipes from Laputa: Castle in the Sky

The third title in the Ghibli’s Dining Table book series is slated for release next month.

The food featured in Laputa: Castles in the Sky, the 1986 animated adventure film from Japan’s Studio Ghibli, is the focus of a new cookbook shared as part of the Ghibli’s Dining Table series. The new 64-page book will include recipes for dishes such as fried egg on bread and the stew eaten by characters on the Tiger Moth airship, plus several original recipes.

The first in the series, released in April 2021, features meals from Earwig and the Witch, while the second was dedicated to My Neighbour Toroto. All three books are billed as children’s cooking picture books, appealing to fans, families and the like.

The book will be available for fans to purchase from 10 August for ¥1,760 JPY (approximately £9.80) online. In 2021, Studio Ghibli let fans in on the secret behind its tasty-looking food. In an AMA – or Ask Me Anything – conducted on Studio Ghibli’s official Twitter account, a fan asked producer Toshio Suzaki: “Why is it that the food that appears in Studio Ghibli movies always looks so delicious?” In response, Suzaki revealed the inspiration behind the dishes: “It’s because it’s all food that [Hayao] Miyazaki himself has actually made.” Read that story here.