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Bad Boy Chiller Crew Disrespectful Relentless Records


Episode one of the Bradford crew’s ITV documentary opens with the three MCs – GK, Kane and Clive – standing next to a B-road, looking distinctly unimpressed. “We’re not the Good Boy Chiller Crew,” shrugs GK. “We’re the fookin’ Bad Boy Chiller Crew.”

BBCC are a Covid-era phenomenon, lifting spirits with every cheeky comedy sketch, unhinged music video or nostalgic club banger. Through sheer force of charisma, they’ve barrelled their way into the UK charts, bringing throwback bassline anthems and pure fuck-it energy. Their 2020 debut album Full Wack No Brakes proved they were more than a gimmick, with tight tracks about estate life and big ambition. Now the lads are making good on those sky-high promises.

Disrespectful is crammed with full-throttle singles, from 2021 hit Don’t You Worry About Me – a lurid Love Island hangover made into song – to new drop Messages, a genuinely euphoric “champagne sippin’” 90s rave tune. And although most tracks take a saccharine vocal, chase it with a big beat drop and near-identical bars about brands, birds and booze, there are a few surprises. BMW is softer, leaving space for GK’s crisp delivery, baby-faced Kane’s focused flow and Clive’s enigmatic hypeman act. Elsewhere, classic samples from True Faith, Rozalla and Big Brovaz prove that BBCC know their floor fillers – and their fanbase. As a result, Disrespectful is a totally relentless release. It’s Bad Boy Chiller Crew’s time in the sun and they’re not planning on sleeping.