Brooke Candy Sexorcism
07 10



On another – better – planet, Brooke Candy is a household star; a latex-coated agent of chaos and desire. Here on Earth, however, her ascent has been halted by a lack of willingness to conform or sanitise, which has seen her projects relegated to the realms of the ‘not easily marketed’. The same could be true of her long-awaited debut SEXORCISM, if it didn’t feel so much of a time and place. If there’s one thing that makes sense in 2019 it’s an alternative pop album about the healing properties of sex.

Featuring a veritable cast of industry misfits including Iggy Azalea, Charli XCX, Violet Chachki and Bree Runway, SEXORCISM finds transformation in sexual liberation. Futuristic pop, trap and house provide the stage for Candy and her gang to work, tackling pleasure as it intersects with power (Meet the Boss, Drip), identity (Nymph, Freak Like Me) and the more straightforward pursuit of escapism (XXXTC, FMU).

While it does luxuriate in the provocative – there’s literally a track titled Cum – there’s a sense of solace at the heart of SEXORCISM that elevates it from a tapestry of filth into a battle cry for horny outcasts everywhere.