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Vegyn is exploring the subtle art of letting go

Vegyn’s transportive music resonates with a generation of listeners who are equally curious and overwhelmed. Ahead of his second album, the London producer connects with Emma Garland for our February issue

Britney Spears’ In The Zone marked the discovery of the pop icon’s creative identity

‘In the Zone’ represents the death of pre-millennium innocence – both in terms of Britney’s branding, as she evolved from teen idol to cultural icon, and in a musical sense

Liturgy want to invoke heaven through sound

For experimental metal band Liturgy, art is the most profound expression of humanity. On their latest album, they’re taking the conventions of faith, philosophy and composition to new extremes

Rising: Emir Taha is speaking to the soul

Meet Emir Taha, the Turkish artist blending alternative R&B and pop experimentalism with traditional folk music

Ethel Cain and the great American epic

As Ethel Cain, Hayden Silas Anhedönia calls upon memories of her strict religious upbringing to create her own Southern epic. She talks her new album Preacher’s Daughter for Issue 132

Ethel Cain Preacher's Daughter

Ethel Cain

Preacher's Daughter Daughters of Cain

Alice Glass

PREY//IV Eating Glass Records

Ricky Eat Acid’s Three Love Songs inhabits the liminal space between intimacy and detachment

Originally released in 2014, we take a look back at ‘Three Love Songs’ and how Ricky Eat Acid captured the minutiae of everyday life

Full of Hell

Garden of Burning Apparitions Relapse Records

Lingua Ignota: Small mercies

On her latest album as Lingua Ignota, Kristin Hayter creates a testament to letting go

No Home

No Home: The state of the nation

No Home’s DIY sound and sly humour gets to the rotten heart of this grey, unpleasant land. We meet with the artist to talk being British, work and exploitation

The Microphones

The Microphones

The Microphones in 2020 P. W. Elverum & Sun, Ltd
Miss Anthropocene


Miss Anthropocene 4AD
Brooke Candy Sexorcism

Brooke Candy

Retrospective: Christina Aguilera, Stripped

Christina Aguilera’s Stripped was a watershed moment in 21st century pop

17 years after its release, we explore how Xtina’s Stripped gave pop an injection of fighting spirit and unapologetic raunchiness