07 10

DJ Paypal Sold Out Brainfeeder


DJ Paypal has arrived at Brainfeeder after long-standing stints with both LuckyMe and Teklife. It’s an attractive resumé – the glossy hyperrealism of LuckyMe, the authentic credibility of Teklife and a touch of globetrotting futurism from Brainfeeder.

All rolled into one for this double-EP, the end result is an entertaining one. The indelible Teklife stamp is bared most prominently on the frantic urgency of the title track and then again on the deeply soulful We Finally Made It, an irresistible collaboration with DJ Earl – one of the footwork label’s youngest talents. The 160BPM afrobeat reconstruction that goes down on Slim Trak is positively tantalising and the jolting tonal shifts of closer Say Goodbye demonstrate an adeptness and compositional consideration that transcends the post-internet silliness of the Paypal brand.

It’s a wholly enjoyable and promisingly outward-facing effort from Paypal. If the boldly unconventional releases from RP Boo and Jlin showed the malleability of footwork and its ability to create stirring, broken symphonies, then Sold Out is the giddy, loveable cousin of those records – more interested in throwing in random ingredients than testing the recipe itself.