08 10

DJ Python Dulce Compañia Incienso


One of New York native Brian Piñeyro’s first releases was as DJ Wey on Ital’s Lovers Rock label, but he’s since released one-off 12”s as Deejay Xanax and Luis. Following an EP as DJ Python on Anthony Naples’ Proibito label last year, Dulce Compañia makes for Piñeyro’s fullest artistic statement to date.

One of the points regularly driven home by any mention of DJ Python is the looming influence of reggaeton in his music, but it’s more of a subtle suggestion than an overbearing presence. Instead, the overall sound across this album deals in a smoky strain of house music with plenty of NYC grit rubbed into its muscles, and ambient romanticism swirling around its head.

Todo Era Azul (Versión Afuera) is the definitive club track of the album, riding on a tough set of house drums that favour the offbeat bump of aforementioned reggaeton, but also teeter on the brink of breakbeat revivalism. Elsewhere the synths are more dominant, as on the hypnagogic Acostados with its heavy washes of pad and texture, strafing bleeps and sunken drum thud.

The mood across Dulce Compañia rarely lifts out of this woozy state, but in the kinked cracks of these beats and the thick blankets of fog Python has expanded his repertoire in his own unique way, and it works beautifully.