Dorian Concept
06 10

Dorian Concept The Nature of Imitation Brainfeeder


Dorian Concept’s 2014 album Joined Ends is a masterclass in delicate-yet-epic electronics. The artist behind Dorian Concept, Oliver Johnson, referred to the record’s sound as ‘chamber music’ – an excellent description of its jittery, harpsichord-driven melodies. It is also where his new album The Nature of Imitation picks up. Although the star-gazing melodies have been superseded by something more lithe and laissez-faire, and Johnson’s highly processed vocals play a more central role. In other words, it’s lighter and jazzier, reflecting the Brainfeeder company he keeps, and opener Promises falls endlessly sideways as it snakes towards its rhythmic completion.

Somewhere in the musical progression between his first and second albums, the comforting naivety of Dorian Concept’s melodies has been swapped for a percussive technicality that maybe doesn’t offer quite such a rich sonic seam. But tracks like Self Similarity and Angel Shark chart a course that is endearingly emotive and also steeped in the progressive songcraft that Brainfeeder is renowned for.