Ezra Collective 2019 You Can't Steal My Joy
08 10

Ezra Collective You Can't Steal My Joy Enter the Jungle


Ezra Collective bring the fire on a stunning debut album, both an incredible cross section of London life and a testimony to their individual passions and inspirations. From the dubbed-out skank of Red Whine to the Jorja Smith-aided neo-soul of Reason in Disguise, this album blots out any preconceived notions of jazz, replacing them instead with conduits that criss-cross UK culture, while remaining true to their deep musical roots.

Quest for Coin is sheer exuberance, while Loyle Carner’s appearance on What Am I to Do Now? links Ezra Collective to the hip-hop jams that fuel their rehearsal sessions. People Saved offers a taut Latin groove, while the soft introspection of Why You Mad? quickly makes way for an inferno of trumpet and saxophone.

An album rich in depth but also one that thrives on immediacy, You Can’t Steal My Joy is an incredible statement, somehow distilling the potency of their already-legendary live shows into one album. From Afrobeat to Jamaican soundsystems, Corsica Studios to Ronnie Scott’s, You Can’t Steal My Joy is pure, unrestricted expression; timeless music without borders that could only be made in London in 2019.