02 10

Foxygen ...And Star Power Jagiaguwar


Some people might say that releasing a 24 track studio album called …And Star Power is pretentious. Those people might be right. They might also, however, have failed to grasp one important matter: this is not 1974 and no one cares about Genesis or ELO anymore. Pretentious? Not necessarily. Outmoded? Certainly.

24 tracks and pompous titles aside though, there has always been something inherently shite about Foxygen. Their trite image, the way they unashamedly plead at the altar of Anton Newcombe. They’d wish for nothing more than to be seen as such rambunctious outlaws as the BJM. But when something’s not there, it’s just not there. We’ve seen hula hoops with more edge than Foxygen. The tunes on …And Star Power are painfully soulless, inept homages to weepy 60s psychedelia and, depressingly, early 00s indie rock.

Across 24 tracks you’d think we’d find some glimmer of hope. But no. This is actually 24 tracks of hopeless, abysmal toss that fails to speak to us on any level apart from a level that makes us wonder if the kind of men that tell long haired lads to get a haircut might not be so bad after all. It’s desperate, dull drudgery of the most hackneyed, unworthy kind.