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Georgia Seeking Thrills Domino


With the release of dancefloor-filler Started Out, Georgia Barnes began to find her feet and her voice. The 12 months since then, underpinned by the release of her euphoric, Robyn-esque pop stomper About Work the Dancefloor, have been a revelation for the London artist. She exits 2019 as one of Britain’s most exciting new pop stars and a staple on the A-List at BBC Radio 1 – not bad for a DIY pop star signed to an indie label.

Second album Seeking Thrills arrives at this high point. And, in a refreshingly bullshit-free scenario, her success is simply because the songs are that good. The three radio-minglers, Started Out, the aforementioned About Work the Dancefloor and the thumping Never Let You Go, kick off the album. Track number four, 24 Hours, is surely destined for the airwaves too. It’s the purest, slickest pop song she’s written yet.

The rest of the album travels down slightly weirder paths, channelling Georgia’s acidic, rave-ready heritage (her father Neil Barnes is a founding member of Leftfield), and placing her in a malleable middle-ground between mainstream radio and the dancefloor, with the baggy, dub-influenced Ray Guns a late highlight. Seeking Thrills is at its best, though, when heading full pelt through pop euphoria. Expect to hear even more of Georgia in 2020.