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Jayda G Significant Changes Ninja Tune


Last year, Canadian DJ and producer Jayda G reached a pair of milestones: she launched her new label, JMG Recordings, and completed a Master’s in environmental toxicology. The influence of the latter seeps directly into her debut album Significant Changes.

Meandering opener Unifying the Center (Abstract), the aquatic field recordings of Orca’s Reprise, and the spoken-word sample of biologist Misty MacDuffee discussing a whale conservation court case on Missy Knows What’s Up each point to her studies, while showcasing a calmer side of Jayda’s musical persona.

The rousing, high-energy moments that populate her DJ sets are also well represented on hip-shaking tracks like Move to the Front (Disco Mix), and cheekily so on Stanley’s Get Down (No Parking on the DF): “Hey you, I see you with your phone looking at Instagram!” Jayda playfully chides an inattentive clubber. “This is the dancefloor, baby! This is where you’re supposed to get down. Sunshine in the Valley, featuring frequent collaborator Alexa Dash, offers a moment of hands-in-the-air euphoria with dreamy synths and reverbed cooing harmonies.

Science and a repertoire of house, disco and diva vocals may seem unlikely dancefloor partners, but in Jayda G’s hands, they live in harmonious coexistence.