okay kaya watch this liquid
06 10

Okay Kaya Watch This Liquid Pour Itself Jagjaguwar


Okay Kaya’s debut Both was an intricate avant pop album that centred around the concept of duality, cementing her as an artist to watch. The follow-up, Watch This Liquid Pour Itself, departs from many of the minimalist approaches that defined its predecessor. Instead, she hones the bittersweet singalong structures that have become her signature, supporting them with more playful instrumentation and production.

From the scuba diving instructions turned mantras of Ascend and Try Again to the cheerfully dreary Psych Ward, Kaya always has a charming way of making light of life’s dilemmas with tongue-in-cheek wordplay. On Asexual Wellbeing she muses, “I know sex with me is mediocre/ But I can probably feel what you’re feeling”.

A sense of drowsiness settles about midway through the 15 tracks, evoking the warmth of an afternoon nap, but the daze wears off on Guttural Sounds, a lamenting hymn narrating the thrills of being a lovesick 30-something. Mushy acoustic lullabies like Popcorn Heart and Hallelu Ya Hallelu Me build on this mood as well. Toward the end, Kaya slips in a beautiful song in her native Norwegian called Helsevesen that is truly enchanting.

While you can tell Okay Kaya has poured her whole self into this immersive project, the end result overflows with too many ideas for it to be truly effective.