07 10

Parkay Quarts Content Nausea Rough Trade


Barely a month seems to go by without someone from Parquet Courts putting out new music under yet another peculiar bastardisation of the group’s moniker. Earlier this year the prolific Brooklyn pseudo-punks released their third full-length Sunbathing Animal but last month a tour was announced as PCPC – a supergroup with PC Worship – and here we are today with this record from Parkay Quarts, which follows last year’s Tally All the Things You Broke EP under the same name. Still following? Good.

Recorded on a four-track tape machine over two weeks by Andrew Savage, Austin Brown, Jackie-O Motherfucker’s Jef Brown and Eaters’ Bob Jones, Content Nausea is intended as a kind of quick-and-dirty stopgap release for the winter, clocking in at 35 minutes and falling somewhere in between an EP and a bona fide album. Taken on those terms there’s plenty to get excited about here, not least the title track, which bounds into view like a race horse without a jockey and sees Savage dispense a breathless, stream-of-consciousness diatribe against the fostered homogeneity of contemporary capitalism. If that sounds heavy, a screeching, careening cover of Nancy Sinatra classic These Boots are Made for Walking certainly lifts the spirits and benefits from some exuberant sax work to boot. The really pleasing thing about Content Nausea though is how well it bodes for the band’s future. From fidgety art punk opener Everyday it Starts through to the Berlin-era Bowie motorik of Pretty Machines, it’s clear Savage and Brown are making a concerted effort to expand their palette. By the time languid organ-drenched closer Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth abruptly explodes into life, the two have neatly teed up the group’s next proper LP, whatever the hell they’re called by then.