03 10

Peace Happy People Columbia


At the dawn of the 1990s some pompous plonker at Melody Maker coined the term ‘The Scene That Celebrates Itself’. The not-so- tongue-in-cheek label, which still elicits a cringe, described a bunch of young bands who occasionally shared bills at London’s 100 Club. Out of this scene emerged the criminally under-rated girl band Lush who never found the acclaim they deserved and the deservedly lauded Blur who went on to be … well, they went on to be Blur. At the dawn of this decade some pompous plonker at the NME tried to coin the term ‘B-Town’ in a desperate attempt to pool together the ‘talents’ of four or five Birmingham bands. Out of this scene emerged Peace.

To be fair to Peace they’re not the worst band to have emerged from their little clique. That’s not really an acquittal though, considering the competition pack about as much collective punch as a damp sheet of Andrex. Now we’re done alienating ourselves from the rest of the music press you may be interested in knowing how good Happy People is as an album? Let us ruin the surprise. The best bit is the last song wherein the singer raps a bit like Nathan Barley does when he’s trying to seduce The Mighty Boosh’s sister. That’s how good Happy People is.