08 10

Raresh Fabric 78 Fabric


Fabric loves Romania and they aren’t afraid to show it. This is their third mix outing in a matter of months courtesy of the Bucharest-based ar:pi:ar collective, with the other composite parts Petre Inspirescu and Rhadoo having contributed to the fabric metal case canon earlier this year. In Raresh, arguably their sturdiest member, they may have saved their best until last. With Raresh plying his trade in and around the more linear line of house, or essentially the sound Ricardo Villalobos is playing when not trying to weird you out at 9am, this mix is loosely an adventure into gorgeous minimal house textures and subtle undulations. It’s woven together pristinely and like any music of this ilk, when driven through headphones or sizeable speaker weight, it comes to life. Current on-trend luminaries such as Cristi Cons, Sonja Moonear and Vlad Caia appear, but it’s the succinct way the mix melds together that allows many of the sonics to take focus, with their dreamlike proportions in the main tethered by a deep four-four pulse and rumbling bass. It’s a gorgeous delve into that middle ground between house and techno, a moody space but one custom designed to thrive on the dancefloor.