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Roly Porter Third Law Tri Angle


Rising from the murky dubstep depths of Vex’d, Roly Porter is now a revered avant-garde composer. His vision as a producer is often transcendent, with visceral, dystopic soundscapes becoming his calling card. Following on from 2013 album Cycle Of A Massive Star, which mapped the life cycle of a star, Third Law, while still within the celestial realm, is a great deal more ominous and earth shatteringly loud. Think O Fortuna’s Carmina Burana meets Sunn O))). 

On Third Law, Porter flexes his skill at sculpting sounds into cinematic experience. 4101 acts as a thunderous opener, where the hum of a contorted male choir rises and falls over whistling metallic noise. Mass sounds like the earth being sucked into a black hole before a sub-bass bounces like a cosmic basketball. This is humanity and the world as we know it being put through a grinder. 

A harsh contrast is what Porter angles in on; there is no in-between. Ethereal moments of serenity are violently besieged by unholy eruptions of noise, and each piece unravels into one treacherous journey. On closer Known Space, the roar of a harmonic human voice and a lone synth drift over ebbing drones like a sun rising across the dark side of the earth. Ultimately Third Law propels Roly Porter toward the higher echelons of sound design.