08 10

The Internet Hive Minds Columbia Records


Hive Mind feels as though it begins mid-thought. The chunky bassline of Come Together sweeps you up and then a chorus of voices emerges before giving way for a phrase that rises above: “I can’t be sure”. But actually, more than anything else, this record feels very sure of itself.

Hive Mind is a smooth, clever consolidation of what The Internet – which originated as an Odd Future “side project” – were already doing well, and what they’re now doing better than ever. Though moods may dip and dive, The Internet’s sound is confident and polished, proving they’re a band of accomplished solo artists that work even better together.

Hive Mind is a smooth continuation on the band’s Grammy-nominated debut Ego Death. There are, of course, standout tracks, like Come Over, with its crunchy electric guitar and dirty promises, but the real strength of Hive Mind is the way it, and the band, comes together. A brilliant, electric album to keep you dancing through the summer.