Veronica Vasicka, From Here
07 10

Veronica Vasicka From Here Downwards


New York native Veronica Vasicka is an expert in musical archaeology, reviving obscure cold wave and 80s electro via her Minimal Wave imprint. Now on debut EP From Here, the producer, DJ and label boss turns to excavating a hidden musical treasure of her own.

Reminiscent of Einstürzende Neubauten’s deconstructed style, the record is inspired by a “sonic diary” Vasicka produced as she charted her day-to-day adventures on a four-track recorder almost 14 years ago. Recorded in 2004, the titular track evokes industrial European gothic, a sound Vasicka discovered in her teens while immersed in NYC’s underground club scene. Otherworldly sounds jar against frosty synths and scratchy, mechanical noises clash as Vasicka’s eerie vocals disorientate throughout.

From Here is then remixed by production triptych Regis, Chasm and Paul Kendall. Chasm reworks Vasicka’s gothic anxiousness into a delay-soaked, propulsive Soulwax-esque all-nighter; Kendall adds uneasy, prickly guitars; Regis builds dream-like electro layering. The result is a shape-shifting debut where an autobiographical approach inspires multiple visions, each one feeling like a facet of Vasicka’s self.