Discover / / 04.12.14

flies + flies

We’ve been keeping an eye on this London three-piece since their Bad Crab Hand 10” dropped earlier this year, and it’s charted an intriguing progression. That release caught the attention by layering minimal guitars over subtle electronic pads in a way not a million miles from Thom Yorke’s solo fare, before seeping into a blanket of warming noise courtesy of the rangy hum of the band’s secret weapon, the cello – not the most likely bedfellows, but an atmospheric and melodic tonal departure which felt resoundingly contemporary. They’ve since completed a perfectly pitched audio-visual installation with artist Nick Roberts in East London arts space Limewharf, received a thumbs up from perhaps the tastemaker Andrew Weatherall, and have recently taken the treacherous step of releasing a remix EP. And it’s testament to the band’s collective handle on their sound and its possibilities that they’ve managed to pull it off, with three potent reworks, the best of which sees Petwo Ewans strip the excellent Sufi of all humanity into clattering, tunnelling machine music.