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Listen to four emerging artists that are worth your time this month


OK, so we’ve been sleeping on this – turns out Lindsay A. Powell has been releasing DIY power pop as Fielded for a few years now – but sometimes when you stumble across something truly special and no one around you is aware of it, spreading the word is a matter of duty.  Powell has released her first Fielded EP Boy Angel (as a USB necklace!) since 2013, and the songs’ melodies pack enough emotional intensity to totally floor you on your very first listen. Having won the admiration of Perfect Pussy vocalist Meredith Graves, Powell has toured with the band and recently performed at Graves’ recent Honor Press showcase in Brooklyn. At the time of writing, Powell is hoping to recruit a band to play a Kate Bush covers set on Halloween, and we’re confident that she’ll absolutely nail Cloudbusting.

Empress Of / Telepathe



Who is Terry? It’s not exactly clear. All we know is that Terry can be divided into four parts to make up the Australian musical project that shares her name. Their only song (so far) is called Talk About Terry and it seems to revolve around the narrator’s reluctance to date Terry. It makes us want to sit in a field with our jumper stretched over our knees while we think about love and stuff. With members of staple Melbourne bands like Total Control and Constant Mongrel among their ranks, Terry are an indie-pop prospect worth keeping an eye on.

The Pastels / Twerps



Veronica Torres’ vocals alone should be enough for you to give Pill a spin – snarling, heavily accented and able to plumb the ultimate depths of deadpan, her perfect take on eye-rolling irony pierces through the saxophone-split post-punk cacophony the band presents. All Brooklynites, the five-piece released an eponymous EP at the beginning of the year that is reminiscent of a particularly mad and frothing Sonic Youth and tackles predatory phone calls, privilege and social unrest. Now the band have bounced from Parquet Courts’ Dull Tools over to Mexican Summer for the release of a typically wild new single. Hopefully this is a harbinger of a full-length on the horizon.

Essential Logic / Teenage Jesus and the Jerks



All that can be drawn from the Facebook information section for mysterious vocalist / producer GAIKA is his gender, his email address and a shout-out for everyone’s favourite affordable airline EasyJet. His debut and only sonic offering thus far is Blasphemer, the kind of song that stays in the mind for days on end after a first listen. Through swollen electronic production, barbed auto-tune and a dancehall-influenced vocal performance, GAIKA has pinned down a sound that is both enigmatic but directly effective. Suffocating, exhaustive but deeply authentic balladry all set to a rich instrumental. With a full mixtape readied for November, this puzzling talent won’t stay caged for much longer.

FKA twigs / Jam City