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Swing Hero

Denver-born singer-songwriter Marshall Gallagher is treading a dangerous path as Swing Hero. His particular brand of alt rock isn’t all that fashionable right now – in fact, these days it’s spectacularly uncool to sing the praises of big production and sweeping choruses. Fortunately we’re above all that posturing and we’ll just come out and say it: we love a good tune. And good tunes is exactly what Swing Hero provides. His latest track Interest evokes Smashing Pumpkins in its enormity and, dare we say it, early Foo Fighters in its buoyant, catchy construction. Finally, an ode to the 90s that’s not drenched in Seattle-lite fuzz and soulless teenage angst. Check out the premiere of his new track Interest below.

Smashing Pumpkins / Better Than Ezra

Swing Hero on Bandcamp