Spend too much time on Instagram? Us too.

While the dads will grumble about how life was better before phones, we think otherwise. If you’re in need of uniquely entertaining, or informative, accounts to follow amongst the proliferating supply of meme pages recycling posts from one another, read on.

We’ve taken a deep dive into the Explore feed to unearth our favourite accounts. From ponderous-looking techno dudes to Revenge Dresses, here’s the Crack Magazine guide to IG accounts worth making space on your feed for. Scroll down and hit follow.



Did you know that there are 43 muscles in the face? Muscles that involuntarily contract in reaction to, well, just about anything to display the wide spectrum of human emotions? This IG feed is a showcase of such, focusing exclusively on the facial expressions of highly influential techno master Marcel Dettmann. See how he gazes wistfully into the distance? Conveys disdain? Contempt for swans? How his eyes glaze over in concentration or crushing despair? A look says a thousand words, or so they say. While not all of us are successful producers with legions of fans, what a lot of people have in common is that we look at things. This account captures the universal emotions of Dettmann simply looking at those things. It’s also been approved by the artist himself, who’s given the IG feed a follow.

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Today’s meme is brought to you by the letters, C B A.

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Need a regular dose of satire on your feed so you can laugh at your own woes? For those working in The Industry™, this meme account has been designed especially for you. Art directors, designers and creatives, gather round. From managing client expectations to signed off shoots going badly wrong, this account celebrates the misery of our daily obstacles. Don’t worry, it’ll be the winter holidays soon.



While the colder months will see us shutting ourselves firmly indoors, this account is here to provide us with some inspo on beautifying our nests. Plants ensconcing the bathtub? Peachy interiors? An excessive amount of handrails in the bathroom? The ideas are endless. What’s even better is that this account acts as an informative archive by including quotes from interior design books in the captions, so you don’t need to forage in the library to read up on the subject yourself. It’s all here, in one neatly curated feed.

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The thank you, next revenge look #FyouCC

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You may have noticed that there are a lot of nostalgia accounts harking back to the trends of yore. But one particular standout is this IG archiving the revenge lewks of our late princess, Lady Diana. On 29 June 1994, jaws dropped worldwide as she stepped out at the Serpentine gallery in that iconic Revenge Dress. Turns out, it was the same evening that arch-fuckboi Charles confessed to adultery on national TV. However, lest we forget, Lady Di actually had many killer looks. This feed pays homage to each and every one.



As one of four fashion capitals, the visual identity of London’s dress scene has often been painted as somewhat eccentric. After all, it’s the city in which Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen made their name. This spy account captures some of the most outlandish ensembles from one of the city’s key institutions for fashion and the arts; a place with an identity so distinct as to earn the phrase, “Thats so CSM!” and where there are essentially no rules on how to dress. Never made it into the famed Central Saint Martins, or thinking of applying? Here’s an inside look at its style tribes.


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