Welcome to your semi-regular Instagram account recommendation tool that is 23% more accurate than the Discover algorithm.

From a lush documentation of the architectural ghosts of Soviet Ukraine to nostalgic deep dives into the cherished aesthetics of VHS, here are five accounts that will refresh your tired feed.



Take a trip through the absurd universe of vintage commercials. This feed places Super Mario and pre-Friends Matt LeBanc next to never-not-disturbing Ronald McDonald skits, Cheetos and Con Air telly trailers.

It’s a kitsch jingle paradise too, where overlays of rudimentary CGI meets All-American VOs, but our personal highlights of this particularly edifying feed are the look backs to retro gaming culture, the rise of the celebrity endorsement machine and Reagan’s America. A simpler time, maybe.

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Boy if you don't stop❕

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Getting all up on that Gemini hype, @draketwins gives you a double dose of the Champagne Papi. The simple concept belies its uncanniness (the ‘shop skills are exemplary) and there’s a curious thrill at envisioning a world where Drake exists in glorious stereo. Drake, unsurprisingly, agrees – he gave the account a follow back in 2015.



What are those?!



Founded by @dmytrosolovyov this account explores a brutalist, surreal strain of Ukraine’s architecture. Featuring stunning photographs of striking examples of Soviet Modernism, the feed takes on an extra potency considering that many of these buildings are falling into disrepair or earmarked for demolition, with Kiev’s architectural heritage sacrificed to make room for newer, contemporary projects.



This account archives the best and worst of nihilistic meme culture. Anything from morbid death-wish reposts to existentialist comic strips is eligible in this sub-genre of the meme-industrial complex, but look a little closer and @dank_nihilist‘s archive also captures the indignities of teenage angst and, through the medium of Nietzchian shitposting, shines a light on our shared depressive behaviours. Skull emojis only, thanks.


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