Ever feel as though your digital echo chamber is becoming more, well, one-dimensional?

Us too. As Instagram continues to hide more content from us, here’s your chance to break through the walls of that chamber. Show some resistance against the digital algorithms. Follow some new accounts, look for some different memes for once. Hit refresh.

@makethelogobigger.psd / Instagram




This is one for the heads. A meme account dedicated entirely to dance music culture and its fashions. From tiny, tiny glasses to the horses (ketamine users) among us, to DJs getting their sax fixes on Horn Hub or that headliner who dub echoed the best part of your last track – this account has meme’d us all. A reminder to not take #techno so seriously.

@euphoricsupply / Instagram


Ever imagined some of your favourite artists as Pokemon cards? Us neither. But intersect them both and you’ve got this wonderful account that has turned the likes of Frank Ocean to Playboi Carti into Pokemon characters with different strengths. Nothing is for sale though.

@makethelogobigger.psd / Instagram


Shout out to all the graphic designers and art directors out there. From getting told to make that logo bigger or darken that turquoise blue on the club poster past work hours – we see you, we feel you. Or, well, if your project manager doesn’t, this account certainly does.

Joaquin Phoenix via @100_s


Yes, there’s a plethora of #cool and #trendy archives out there, but here’s one that’s worthy of hitting the follow button for. From Kate Moss with Liv Tyler to vintage pics of the Gallagher brothers, or Julia Roberts doing some serious power dressing with larger-than-thou shoulder pads – this is an account that’s worthy of taking up space on your feed. Example: Joaquin Phoenix in a black Prada turtleneck. Enough said.



We all need to laugh at ourselves every now and again. Meme’ing the trials and tribulations of being a raver, this account covers the post-ADE moods, the many sides of Job Jobse and the stress of seeing construction wear in the club. Why are we all like this?


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