Bored with the endless scroll? The monotony of saturated photos featuring beautiful beaches and foods arranged in symmetrical perfection? Us too. Time to hit refresh.

From Weird Instagram culture jamming to millennial surrealism via a dose of rave-powered political activism, here are the five Instagram accounts you should follow this month.


It’s always a bummer when someone cribs on your style, even unintentionally. The Diet Prada account applies an encyclopaedic knowledge of fashion to the service of shaming imitations or, more kindly, spotting stylistic echoes across the eras. The couple behind the account started it off as a fun fashion police account but it has grown recently thanks to exclusive campaign drops and, while most of the whistleblowing is full of humour, they don’t shy away from bigger issues in the industry, including calling out sexual harassment within the modelling sector.

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Based in LA, The Current Sea is run by two creatives, Brian Griffith and Sarah Zucker. The duo are already known for their captivating and weird animated gifs, but they’ve broadened their horizons by exploring the “confluences of the analogue and the digital”. Oh, and they’ve also got their own merch.

Dial 99 for outside line

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Canadian graphic artist Matija Erteg has an eye for the surreal, crafting everyday items and consumer goods out of raw foodstuffs. A bumbag from beef, say, or diamanté clutch made from the finest liver. The bold backgrounds and stomach churning juxtapositions are reminiscent of the subversive still-lifes of Toilet Paper and, despite the playful inventiveness, there’s a cutting political statement buried in the piles of mince and shrimp-shaped earbuds.


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Controlled by an anonymous user, Advertise With Us (or fuckadvertisements) is a ‘not advertisements but not not advertisements’ account. Full of strange images, mega-niche memes and visual puns that skew toward the dark, it’s one of the more accessible outposts of Weird Instagram.

☘ happy st. patrick’s day hunniz ☘

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If you’ve attended any of Room4Rebellion’s raves across London, Dublin and Belfast, you’ll know the collective are a “political party” unlike any other. Dedicated to raising awareness around reproductive laws in Ireland and N. Ireland, their Instagram account gives plenty of insight into their work, from info on upcoming events, news articles relating to their cause and, naturally, FOMO-inducing party photography from their club nights.


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