6 New Videos You Need To See

We count down the week’s best visuals

With the advent of high-speed internet, we’re living in a bit of a golden age for the music video – but we’re also reaching a point where you see at least one of the bloody things every time you open your eyes.

The question is, how do you know which videos are stone cold classics and which are just dust in the wind of the World Wide Web?

As usual, we’re here to help! We’ve rounded up the best clips from the last seven days from the far-flung recesses of the internet.

Check them out after the drop.

Mitski - Your Best American Girl

Director: Zia Anger

Mitski is set to be a powerful new voice in pop music. The Japanese born, American singer-songwriter writes with serious emotion and her latest video echoes all that inner turmoil.

The Zia Anger directed clip sees Mitski falling for the wrong man before exploding into an angst driven moment of self appreciation as her song’s chorus soars into noisy abandon.

I’ve got a funny feeling that Mitski is the real deal.

Bishop Nehru - It’s Whateva

Director: Ralph Ofina

The Bishop is back and with his new project MAGIC: 19 imminent we’re grasping at every thing the you MF DOOM protege throws at us.

The new clip for It’s Whateva is a typically gloom-laden affair that nestles behind a wobbly beat from Tay $lay and the good Bishop’s comically dark rhymes.

Popcaan - Never Sober

Popcaan’s Never Sober finally got itself a video and it’s classic Poppy fare.

The Jamaican superstar finds himself surrounded by sun, sea and sex as he bubbles to the stabs and synth shots of his sleeper hit.

Xiu Xiu - Into The Night

Director: Diego Barrera

Xiu Xiu’s most recent project saw the experimental duo take inspiration from the infamous music of Twin Peaks and their latest video has a suitably Lynchian feel to it.

The abstract visuals from director Diego Barrera see a vision of beauty that warps and twists into demonic shapes. Barrera says he wanted to convey “A feminist message, feminism that understands masculinity and femininity as social constructs that each society draws upon depending on its own interests, where we can rebuild these concepts in the way we want it.”

Bob Mould - Hold On

Director: Alicia J. Rose

As the frontman of Husker Dü and Sugar Bob Mould was one of the most influential figures in alternative rock music for nearly two decades and, if you can believe it, he’s still writing amazing songs.

The new clip for his latest single Hold On sees the iconic dude having a weird day as he navigates his neighbourhood only to be confronted by an assortment of singing strangers.

Flaming Lips - Space Oddity

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that Wayne Coyne ain’t wacky mate.

Wayne Coyne is as wacky as they come mate.


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