6 New Videos You Need To See

Each week we round-up the best (and worst) new music videos out there

Mmm. Mondays. A grim as nails comedown from the heady freedom of the weekend, a sharp poke in the eye first thing in the morning, and, at its core, a deeply uninteresting day of the week.

Escape with us. A world of psychedelic guinea pigs, ill-used National Trust memberships, and disturbing, disembodied voices from the deep black of the West Texas night await in our list of visuals you must not miss.

Slug Christ - Raw Red (Ra! Ra!Ra!Ra!)

Director: Sia of Blunt Guts Nation

Awful Records’ Slug Christ is going on a mad one in the woods – on such a mad one, in fact, that he’s invoked the spirit of ancient Egyptian sun god, Ra.

Watch him enjoying his National Trust membership in the backwoods with a bottle of whatever and then stick it on your Pinterest board under ‘weekend inspiration.’

dj. flugvél og geimskip - HELLIRINN BÍÐUR

Director: Gulla Mía

Ohohohooo what a fuckin’ trip this is. Guinea pigs, rabbits, 3D-rendered bats and a menagerie of disco tortoises star in this video – but you might be wondering where the Geimskip part of the equation is. SURPRISE BITCH, she was hanging out in a psychedelic urn this whole time.

This experimental pop pair are from Iceland. Of course they are.

Grimes - Kill V. Maim

Directors: Claire and Mac Boucher

Never one to disappoint, Grimes transforms her manga-tinged world into old-school gaming format in this video for patriarchy-smashing banger, Kill V. Maim.

Cross Record - Basket

Director: Andrew McGlennon

Heaving with misanthropic fogs, mysterious bubblings, and disturbing, unidentifiable things writhing in the grass, Cross Record’s video for Basket complements the band’s strangely comforting creepiness.

Stormzy - One Take Freestyle

Director: Kaylum Dennis

I have never seen anyone be so intimidating while stirring an espresso in a towelling robe before. Calling out all the ‘doughnuts’ that have been sending him death threats (“but how come I ain’t dead yet?”), Stormzy continues his domination of the world.

The Blaze - Virile

Directors: The Blaze

Ah, my heart! The warmth! Two dudes do some dancing in their flat, pick each other up, do some pretend fighting – it’s hard to pinpoint why, but the atmosphere is lush.


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