6 New Videos You Need To See

Here are some big visuals from the past seven days

Here’s our roundup of the most interesting bits of music video this week, including Drake’s exceptional trackies, a lady losing her shit while immersed in a sea of condensed milk, and Rosamund Pike being thrown against a wall by a metal orb. Oh internet, what are you like.

Rihanna - Work (Explicit) ft. Drake

Directed by Director X + Tim Erem

Rihanna and Drake reunite to make what must be one of the videos of the year already (yes, we’re calling it). In the first of two videos (!), Rihanna returns to her Caribbean roots at a Jamaican dancehall where Drake, dresses in a fresh OVO tracksuit, is overwhelmed by the whole situation (and who wouldn’t be?).

The second video sees Drake in his element while reclining on a sofa and watching Rihanna being Rihanna in a pink-lit room. All in all, an absolute double A-side dream.

Julio Bashmore – Let Me Be Your Weakness (ft. Bixby)

Directed by Daniel Brereton

The video to this bop features all sorts of people getting right into what they do for fun, including dying their poodle pink, LARPing, traditional Irish dancing, going spinning in their souped-up cars – or dressing up as a giant dog and grooming themselves.

Massive Attack – Voodoo In My Blood ft. Young Fathers

Directed by Ringan Ledwidge

This video from Massive Attack stars Rosamund Pike and is more than a little alarming. After taking a walk into a subway station, Pike is accosted by a sadistic metal orb that bends her to its sinister will. Watch out for needles and mild human/machine violence.

White Lung - Hungry

Directed by Justin Gradin

White Lung return with a creepy look into how fame can fuck you up. The protagonist in question, pictured on tins of condensed milk and in a trashy mag, cannot get enough of her own face – ultimately leading to her ultimate downfall. Grim.

Muncie Girls – Respect

Directed by Ryan Mackfall

Lande of Muncie Girls de-lad-ifies a certified lad in this video for Respect. After waking up in the anonymous bloke’s bed, she sets about binning his Bukowski in favour of Huggy Bear and Sleater-Kinney on vinyl and a handful of copies of the latest feminist literature: basically, all the good shit.

Parquet Courts - Berlin Got Blurry

Directed by Claes Nordwall

Parquet Court’s Andrew Savage gives it the old ‘sad American abroad’ schtick in the video for Berlin Got Blurry.  While the visuals show Savage fumbling around the city looking melancholic, the tune makes the whole experience cinematic. One for fans of Lost In Translation; Frances Ha; Eat, Pray, Love, et al.


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